Wednesday, November 27, 2013


First the good news. 
The Phoenix Suns beat the red hot Portland Trail Blazers 120-106. The Suns looked fantastic tonight without Eric Bledsoe (more about that later). Goran Dragic has shaken off the injury rust and is playing really well; he had 31 points and 10 assists. Channing Frye looks like he's got his legs back. He knocked down 3-5, 3 pointers for 25 points and 9 rebounds. When it came time for the bench the Morris twins dominated the Blazers. There is a little brother ball going on but it's really working. They play well blurring the court with Ish Smith. The Suns look as though they have adjusted to Goran being back and Eric not playing.  
Goran Dragic is averaging 22.6 PPG, 9 assists (2.4 TO), 4.2 rebounds on 51% FG and 45% 3's in past 5 games.

Knock Knock...Who's There? Boo...Boo Who? Stop crying it's just Eric Bledsoe.
Suns trainers are confused about Bledsoe's left shin bruise. "Rarely do these type of injuries take more than 4 days to heal. Every game he goes out and shoots and then comes back saying he isn't ready. He started to scare us so we did an MRI, it came back negative for anything serious so the pain he's feeling is in the muscle" said one staff trainer.
As soon as the trainer report came back about the MRI rumors started to fly, some by insider writers, others by Suns staff, but all of them are way off the record.
"We are starting to think he doesn't want to be here and is upset with how his extension negotiations went." (This one was even mentioned on live tv broadcast tonight.)

" I've never seen someone miss this many games with such a minor injury."

"It's all about being available for the big payoff or pressuring for a trade now. He thinks he has already proven enough to get a maximum deal."

"At first we wanted him to be extra cautious because winning games isn't our sole purpose this year but now it's getting ridiculous."

"He's a co-captain, these rumors have to stop soon. Hopefully he's better quick or the pressure from the rumors makes him come back. Don't think the rest of the league aren't watching this young man. If it's a "trade me" gambit then this tact won't help his trade value."

No one from the Suns will verify these rumors on record of course but if we have all heard them then you know the whole organization has as well.

On the flip side we also heard this from a reliable source: "Don't listen to all this stuff, especially from the Portland broadcasters; they are notoriously speculative and some of the worst announcers in the league. Right now Eric is a Sun and I think he's happy to be one."


  1. Remember to click "preview" first and then "publish" to comment :)

    I hope the rumors aren't true.

  3. DragonBlade
    Best win of the season, hands down. We sure are looking good without Bledsoe. Anytime Frye and both Morri play well, we’re almost unbeatable.

  4. u_must_chill
    for my money, watching pj tucker go for a loose ball is one of the most fun things to watch in the entire nba.
    he could be ten feet away from a ball when it bounces off the rim and he’s still gonna go for that sonofabitch. it is just awesome to watch.

    Just remember what ol' Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big ol' storm right square in the eye and he says, "Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it."

  5. boredoftheflies
    Wiggins is sad because the Suns can't draft him anymore

  6. rated.ako
    Frye definitely had a productive year off
    got his body back right, kept his core game intact, and worked on much needed big-man skills. good stuff

    Staying afloat without Bledsoe has been possible because of how damn good Dragic is. Clearly one of the most underrated players in the league.

    by rated.ako

    There is a really good article just posted by Dave Dulberg over on valley of the suns