Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Los Angeles is the land of warm hellos and cold goodbyes. 

Tonight Phoenix Suns got to deliver the chilly "see ya" with a 114-108 win. Kobe played 29 minutes, shot 5-10 for 20 points so he's back. To me the story lately has been that Goran Dragic plays a lot of minutes with the second unit and when he does the Suns are better than when the first unit is run by Eric Bledsoe. Goran was a +14 and Eric was a -5. Goran and Eric are playing a little better together lately. 
The other recent trend is the Suns are showing that they are an extremely deep team now that Archie Goodwin is putting up efficient numbers and the Morris twins are starting to show consistent play. Goran Dragic was player of the game shooting 9-18 for 31 points. Bledsoe was less efficient 7-19 for 18 points but he did have 9 assists and 3 steals. The Suns are stocked with young quality talent and they have many draft picks. They have no choice but to make some trades and they should get really good value from them. "We think the team might be ready now to take the next step" said one front office member. This may not be a tank season after all. It's looking more and more like the Suns have built a trade enhancement franchise.
"Kobe is like maybe the hardest guy ever to guard, so it's always exciting to get a chance to play him and get after it, playing in L.A," - P.J. Tucker

Let's go to the top chat sites and see what's being said. 
First stop VALLEY OF THE SUNS http://valleyofthesuns.com

Scott: "It’s odd that Bledsoe seems lost when Dragic has the ball, as he used to play SG in college. You’d think he’d have some flashbacks. Or … maybe he doesn’t remember what the plays are for the Suns at SG...As for why the Suns aren’t speeding up the court when Bledsoe has the ball … it’s because he isn’t regularly attacking the basket first thing. At least that’s how I see it."
john: "There are few things in life I enjoy more than watching the Suns beat the Lakers.Make it happen, Phoenix."

EBJM: "The Laker’s loyalty to Kobe is going to be their downfall. D’Antoni’s best unit is his young athletes, Jordan Hill at center, Shawne Williams and Xavier Henry at forward and Meeks and Young at guard. That was the Lakers 2nd unit that outplayed the starters and made it game against the Raptors. If D’Antoni plays that unit it should be a great game. In typical D’Antoni fashion, he allowed Amir Johnson and DeMar Rozan to have monster games, 32 & 26 respectively. This is a game for the Morri to really shine."

Let's switch over to BRIGHT SIDE OF THE SUN and eavesdrop: http://www.brightsideofthesun.com

Airwave: "Lucky. I’ve only been to one Lakers vs Suns games and it was a preseason game when they still had Shaq. I don’t remember much from the game since I was so young other than the players were huge (I was sitting behind the basket court level). In fact, I still have the ticket stub! I’ll always keep it."
brawadis: "Yea, my first Suns Lakers game was in 2009.
But in 2010, I met Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Gentry, Jason Richardson, and Channing Frye. I also was at the game where the Suns hit 22 3’s and won in LA."
Sunscott: "Hopefully the rest over the past few days proves good for the Suns. I think several of the guys who weren’t used to playing so many minutes (Plumlee, Green) were getting mental fatigue. If that’s the case, they could spring back this game in good form, kind of like when Dragic played so much better last season after resting during the All-Star break."

Now let's troll over to SILVER SCREEN AND ROLL to check out what the enemy has to say: http://www.silverscreenandroll.com

SuperNerdToTheRescue: "A win against Phoenix is always nice. Though no amount of wins could dry all the tears my seven year old self shed after we were eliminated in 2006."
be like mike: "im a suns fan. Lakers are my second fave though..lets get this thing started..i know it doesn’t mean much to you all but phoenix considers this a rivalry."
Shehzeb Imam: "Gota win tonight and hopefully we go 2-2 at least on the road trip."


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  2. Lightbulb87
    Eric Bledsoe
    Is just…so…fast…

  3. BenchSplinters
    To be honest, I'm now a convert for Marcus but Markieff still pisses me off
    Even tonight, when Markieff had a very solid performance on offense and rebounded decently, he still played horrible off-the-ball defense that led to uncontested points. I was actually glad when Markieff came in for Plumlee in the first quarter because Plumlee was messing up very badly, but I truly do not understand why Markieff cannot apply himself better on weak side defense. He just goes through the motions far too many times and is often out of position on feeds inside. I suspect that lots of people here will disagree with me, but if you still have the game recorded and isolate on Markieff you’ll at least see what I mean.

  4. XcasX
    Who needs 2014 lottery when the Dragon is leading us to victory and was drafted 45th in the 2nd round!
    And the Morri drafted 13 and 14th.

    We have a great GM and great coach, it’s all about winning this season!

  5. XcasX
    Just imagine the Suns next season with up to 4 picks and Len+Goodwin developing
    Future is bright!

  6. PhoenixSons
    3 wins in a row baby.
    It’s just getting warm in here!!!

  7. brawadis
    Wish I coulda been at this game :( but felt just as good watching it on tv!!! Every win is great, but beating the Fakers on their home court with Kobe playing … Can’t get much better than that ;)

    Steve who ? EFFF the Lakers

    18 yrs old | San Diego
    by brawadis

  8. Airwave
    I'm really liking Marcus this year
    Love the patience he has and can create space for himself on the perimeter. He doesn’t try to get around the guy usually, just pull up in his face. Him and Markieff do well together playing as a bench crew. They have some solid chemistry.